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Top 3 Reasons to Learn Catia V5

CATIA V5 (1) Is the most powerful design software. (2) Is the most preferred design software by world’s leading companies. (3) Will enable you to have a successful career in the areas of Mechanical Engineering Design.

Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Prasannakumar Shankar

▪ 20+ years of experience in providing mechanical engineering services to OEM’s & tier suppliers in aerospace, automotive, construction & mining domains. ▪ Subject matter expert in the areas of mechanical product design, manufacturing tooling design, manufacturing engineering & industrialization. ▪ Worked as design consultant for National & Intentional companies ▪ A passionate technical trainer If you have any questions, Call Me: +91-8277-8288-33

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2) Getting Started with Catia V5

    • 2.1) How to Start & Exit Catia V5 ?

    • 2.2) How to Create a New File in Catia V5 ?

    • 2.3) How to Open and Close a File in Catia V5 ?

    • 2.4) Named Views in Catia V5

    • 2.5) How to Zoom, Pan and Rotate in Catia V5 ?

  • 3

    4) How to Create Reference Elements in Catia V5 ?

    • 4.1) How to Create a Point in Catia V5 ? - Coordinates

    • 4.2) How to Create a Plane in Catia V5 ? - Offset

  • 4

    5) How to Create Sketch Based Features in Catia V5

    • 5.1) How to Create a Pad in Catia V5 ? - Dimension

    • 5.2) How to Create a Pocket in Catia V5 ? - Dimension

    • 5.3) How to Create a Pocket in Catia V5 ? - Up to last

    • 5.4) How to Create a Shaft in Catia V5 ? - First Angle

    • 5.5) How to Create a Groove in Catia V5 ?- First Angle

    • 5.6) How to Create a Plate in Catia V5 ?

    • 5.7) How to Create a Hole in Catia V5 ? - Simple Hole

    • 5.8) How to Create a Hole in Catia V5 ? - CBR Hole

    • 5.9) How to Create a Hole in Catia V5 ? - Threaded Hole

    • 5.10) How to Create a Hole in Catia V5 ? - On a Point and a Surface

    • 5.11) How to Create a Rib in Catia V5 ?

    • 5.12) How to Create a Slot in Catia V5 ?

  • 5

    6) How to Create Dress-Up Features in Catia V5 ?

    • 6.1) How to Create an Edge Fillet in Catia V5 ? - Constant

    • 6.2) How to Create a Chamfer in Catia V5 ? - Length & Angle

    • 6.3) How to Create a Draft in Catia V5 ? - Constant

    • 6.4) How to Create a Shell in Catia V5 ?


  • 1) Who can take up this course?

    An individual studying/completed degree/diploma in mechanical, automobile, aeronautical, industrial and production engineering

  • 2) How do I Learn?

    All lessons are pre-recorded videos. You can watch the videos any number of times, any time.

  • 3) If I enrol for internship, for how many days will I have access to the course? How much time should I spend every day?

    You will have access to the course for 90 days from the start of the course / date of enrollment, whichever is later. You will need to spend 15 to 30 minutes per day. MaxTechEdu recommends, you to practice whatever you have learnt for a duration 1 hour every day. In total you might have to spend 1.5 hours per day.

  • 4) What should I do, If I have questions? Whom should I ask?

    Every lesson will have a discussion forum. You can ask your questions in the discussion forum. MaxTechEdu shall answer all your questions within 24 hours

  • 5) Do I need a computer to learn this course?

    Computer is Not necessary. A Mobile with internet connection is sufficient to view the videos and learn the course. However, it is always better to practice what you have learnt. So, having access to a computer with Catia V5 installed is recommended.

  • 6) Does MaxTechEdu provide the Catia V5 software?


  • 7) Will there be a test / exam for this course? What will be the passing score to successfully complete this course? What happens if I am unable to score the passing marks?

    Yes. A test / quiz shall be conducted online. The test / quiz shall have multiple choice question (MCQs). Passing score = 60%. You can re-take the test / quiz.

  • 8) Will I get a certificate after completing this course?

    Yes. A soft copy of the certificate shall be sent by e-mail after successful completion of the course

  • 9) I don’t have a credit card. How do I pay?

    * Pay using | Google Pay | PhonePe | Paytm | +919900288003

Additional Payment Options

* Pay using | Google Pay | PhonePe | Paytm | +919900288003

After Successful Payment, Whats App the Screenshot of the Payment with “COURSE NAME” to +91 99002 88003