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Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Prasannakumar Shankar

▪ 20+ years of experience in providing mechanical engineering services to OEM’s & tier suppliers in aerospace, automotive, construction & mining domains. ▪ Subject matter expert in the areas of mechanical product design, manufacturing tooling design, manufacturing engineering & industrialization. ▪ Worked as design consultant for National & Intentional companies ▪ A passionate technical trainer If you have any questions, Call Me: +91-8277-8288-33

Course curriculum


1) How do I Learn?

* All lessons are pre-recorded videos. Once the course starts, the videos shall be released on daily basis. You can watch the videos any number of times

2) If I enroll for how many days will I have access to the course?

* You will have access to the course for 90 days from the start of the course / date of enrollment, whichever is later.

3) How much time should I spend every day?

* The duration of videos shall be 15 to 30 minutes per day. MaxTechEdu recommends, you to practice whatever you have learnt for a duration 1 hour every day. In total you might have to spend 1.5 hours per day

4) What should I do, If I have questions? Whom should I ask?

* Every lesson will have a discussion forum. You can ask your questions in the discussion forum. MaxTechEdu shall answer all your questions within 24 hours

5) Do I need a computer to learn this course?

* Not necessary. However, it is always better to practice what you have learnt. So, having access to a computer with Catia V5 installed is recommended.

6) Does MaxTechEdu provide the Catia V5 software?

* No.

7) Will there be a test / exam for this course?

* Yes. A test / quiz shall be conducted online. The test / quiz shall have multiple choice question (MCQs)

8) What will be the passing score to successfully complete this course?

* 60%

9) What happens if I am unable to score the passing marks

* You can re-take the test / quiz

10) Will I get a certificate after completing this course?

* Yes. A soft copy of the certificate shall be sent by e-mail after successful completion of the course

11) I don’t have a credit card. How do I pay?

* Pay using | Google Pay | PhonePe | Paytm | 9900288003

Mobile Number for Payment: +919900288003